Foot Massage Simulator Mat


>> Feature:
✔ Stimulate the muscles of the feet and calves with low-frequency pulse (EPS/EMS) technology
✔ Intelligent capture of acupuncture points for all types of feet
✔ Foldable and comfortable leather surface pad for easy use
✔ Micro-electric foot pads clear the soles of the feet to soothe foot fatigue
✔ PORTABLE & HANDY – This is compact and handy and can be carried anywhere to provide instant relief
✔ SAFE and COMFORTABLE TO USE – It uses a soft and comfortable yoga mat material footpad. The pad is skin-friendly silver with ion circuit printing. This does not cause harm to the user
✔ Provides a perfect foot massage experience with its infrared heating and vibration massage technique. You can also use the intelligent speed change button to adjust vibration speed according to your own comfort level to achieve a better massage effect

>> Specification:
✔ Product: Foot massage mat
✔ Size: 31x31cm (approx.)
✔ Power: Battery operated (not included)

>> Package Included
✔ 1 x EMS Foot Massager

>> How to use?
1. Connect the host with the mat, and put under the foot. Press the switch to turn on the power and the green LED will light. In this case, it is one default step.
2. Press “”ON/INC”” and “”OFF/DEC”” again to adjust the intensity, and each press increases the intensity by one step.
3. There are 6 training modes. You can switch to each mode by pressing the “”PROGRAM”” button.
4. The timer is built-in, after using for 30 minutes, it will automatically stand by, if you do not operate it will automatically turn off the power.

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They say that OUR FEET are OUR BODY’S STRUCTURAL FOUNDATION, and any problem with it will EVENTUALLY AFFECT the ENTIRE BODY. That is why we are excited to OFFER a product that not just provide a service for our feet but for our whole body’s benefit as well.

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