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Tire Pump

Ever Had A Tyre Puncture With No Vulcanizer In Sight?

Or A flat tyre at the most inappropriate time or Place?

Or Even the worst one;-  A Burst tyre (caused by Over-Inflation) while you are on motion?

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Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator With Auto-Shutoff & Flash Light


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FAST INFLATING SPEED ASSURED – Airflow Of 35L/Min Will Allow You To Pump A Standard Wheel In 4-6 minutes.

The Major Cause Of Tyre Bursts Accidents On Nigerian Roads

The major cause of incessant tyre burst accidents on Nigerian roads is that Nigerians put too much air pressure in their tyres when pumping. How do we know this you might ask? Pls read the below narrative to the end, promises to be educative.

Mr. Jide (a car owner) narrated a story of how he was preparing to travel from Ekiti to Lagos, he went to a vulcanizer’s shop  to change some of his tyres.  He asked the vulcanizer;  “What is the recommended tyre pressure for my tyres?”,  The Vulcanizer said, “Oga the gauge na 50”.  He then asked the Vulcanizer , “why?”, the vulcanizer quickly replied, “Oga na so we dey pump am o”. With this, Mr. Jide trusted the vulcanizer’s judgement believing the vulcanizer knew the job  and asked him to inflate all his tyres to 50 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Coincidentally, when Mr. Jide got to where he was going, one of our team members was at that same location on a delivery of this our product being advertised here (The Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light). A discussion on the issue of incessant tyre burst accidents and deaths on Nigerian roads were on and he joined in. Some urged that it was bad roads, others, say its expired tyres. But  in all of these talks, our man gladly informed them that the major cause of tyre burst in Nigeria is that Nigerians put too much air pressure in their tyres, undermining the recommended tyre size and  pressure clearly written by the manufacturer.

Mr. Jide was surprised with this piece of information and pressed forward to find out more. He begged our man to come and show him where it’s written on his car. To Mr. Jide’s greatest surprise, it’s on a sticker by the driver’s door jamb which he enters every day without noticing it or give a care to read what that sticker says.  This sticker can also be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual and some car models even place the stickers on the trunk lid, in the console or on the fuel door.

By the time they checked, the recommended pressure for Mr. Jide’s tyres ws 33 PSI! and he (Mr. Jide) just traveled with tyres on the pressure of 50 PSI. This can be likened to one sitting on a time bomb.

Many people have made the same mistake Mr. Jide made and such has led to a lot of fatalities on our roads. A lot of road side vulcanizers are not professionals at what they do and from Mr. Jide’s narrative here, you can see its fatal for you to trust their judgement on matters concerning the air-pressure of your tyres. 

And also, it is pertinent to note that you ought not to inflate your tyres to the pressure listed on the tyre itself. That number is the maximum pressure the tyre can hold, not the recommended pressure for the vehicle. Tricky, right?

Tyres are made of rubber and expand at high temperature. So, when you are travelling in the afternoon when the asphalt on the road is hot, the tyre will want to expand. If the pressure in the tyre is too much and wouldn’t accommodate the expansion, a burst is likely to happen at that time.

We advice that you learn the manufacturer recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle, It could save your life and those of the people traveling with you. and then make sure to get our Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator RIGHT NOW by clicking the Order Now Button below to buy it because it will help you to have an accurate and recommended pressure in your tyres when pumping your tyres.

All you need to do is preset the Smart Inflator to your recommended tyre PSI, start the Inflator & When It reaches the set PSI, It will automatically Stop! Awesome Right? NO OVER-INFLATION, NO UNDER-INFLATION.

A manufacturer's recommended tyre size and the pressure clearly written by the driver's door

PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery

Product Review By Dr. Auto

Our reviewer puts The Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator to test; to ascertain its capabilities,  claims & features. Watch to till the end to see if our product passes the test.

PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery

Why You Need This Product

The essence of this story we would say, is NOT to make the vulcanizers look bad or the ones who do the evil, but the ignorant car owner who risks his/her life by over-inflating the tyres of his/her vehicle. So, pls when next you have a flat tyre and wants to inflate, Pls first check the recommended tyre pressure for your car.  

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND for you to BUY (immediately) and ALWAYS pump your tyres with Our Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light. The reason being that our Smart Inflator  has an inbuilt Auto Shutoff mechanism which enables it to stop pumping when it gets to the number of PSI you desire. 

With our Smart Inflator, you will neither Over-Inflate nor Under-Inflate your tyres. Over-inflation of your tyres will give you a bouncy ride and an ill-handling vehile and also driving on under-inflated tyres can cause premature wear from increased friction. Either way, not having your tyres inflated to their recommended pressure will negatively affect tyre wear and vehicle performance.

Our Smart Inflator makes it possible for you to have an accurate and recommended pressure in your tyres.

All you need to do is Preset the Smart Inflator to your recommend PSI, Start The Inflator & When It Reaches, The Set PSI, It Automatically Stops! Awesome Right?

What if it is a puncture?, you might say. Then along with this Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light we have included a Tubeless Tire Repair Sealing Kit as an Emergency Tool to help you quickly get out of any tyre wahala, so long as it is not a total bust.

Moreover, maintaining a correct tire pressure affects a tire’s wear and improves its performance. But however, having an incorrect tire pressure will also affect the tire’s wear, poor performance and may endanger your life.

There are a wide range of tyre inflators on the market, depends a lot on your need and functionality of the Inflator. If you happen to own a car or a motorcycle or even a bicycle, you’ll definitely need a portable 12 volt Air Compressor. Sometimes, this machine could be a life saver for you on the road or around the house as the case may be without any vulcanizer shop nearby and also free your mind whenever you travel or go camping with your family.

Our Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light will help you with a wide range of small tasks, from inflating tyres of bicycles, motorcycles and pumping up your sons football.

As all we know, it’s bad enough if you’re stuck with a flat in a remote area and you don’t have a spare on hand. Especially if you encounter this issue with your young children;— things are even more worrying, and safety really becomes an issue in such circumstances.

Well, now you can have a peace of mind with our Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light which is made of 100% Pure Copper Coil.

PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery

FLAT TYRE? BE CALM! Our Smart Digital Tyre Pump will inflate your tyre in 4-6 Minutes
Got A Puncture? Fix it With Our Tubeless Tire Repair Sealing Kit Within Minutes!
Bring Out Your Inflator, Preset to Desired PSI, Start & When It Reaches, The Set PSI, It Automatically Stops! Awesome Right?

PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery

How well do you trust your vulcanizer's Pencil Tyre Pressure Gauge

The Pencil Tyre Gauge: Most vulcanizers in Nigeria use this type of guage & its the worst tyre of gauge -it malfunctions easily when subjected to use for a long period of time.

THISDAY NEWSPAPERS wrote an article not too long ago about the shocking blunders by vulcanizers based on an experience by the writer called Mr Luke (not real name) which deeply resonates with every Nigerian car owner out there. It paints a grim picture of the danger all motorist could be facing on a daily basis, Its about the use of Pencil Tyre Pressure Gauge by Nigerian Roadside vulcanizers.

Mr Luke’s vehicle has a tyre pressure specification of 33psi by the manufacturer. One day, he drove into a vulcanizer’s shop to pump up one of his tyres. After pumping, the vulcanizer got 35psi reading on his pencil tyre gauge. Mr Luke checked with his digital tyre gauge to confirm the vulcanizer’s reading and got a whopping 60 psi. He asked the vulcanizer to check again with his own gauge. Again he got 35psi while Mr Luke’s is still read 60psi. Why the huge differences in reading? Who was right?

The first blunder is that most vulcanizers use the worst tyre gauge -the pencil gauge- that malfunctions easily when subjected to heavy usage. How? This gauge has a calibrated piston that is pushed by air that comes out from the tyre when connected to the valve stem. The extent to which the piston is pushed depends on the pressure in the tyre. The higher the pressure, the farther the piston will be pushed and the higher the reading. Unfortunately, with heavy usage (as in everyday application by the vulcanizer), the hole through which air passes to activate the piston can be obstructed by dust coming out from unprotected valve stem of the tyre and also by the rust due to moisture from the damp air coming out from the tyre.

With the air passage so narrowed, the amount of air passing through it no more corresponds to the air pressure in the tyre and so a faulty reading results. Worse still, when this happens, there is no way the user will know. It will still be giving reading but highly incorrect readings. That was the case with the vulcanizer Mr Luke had the encounter with. After Mr Luke explained to him why his gauge was the one at fault, he did not agree, saying he has been using the gauge for long and never had any problems with it.

Because of the seriousness of the issue, Mr Luke had to prove to him conclusively that he was wrong and endangering the lives of innocent road users. Mr Luke had to get a brand new pencil gauge that has not been compromised by dust and rust. When it was used to gauge the tyre, the reading corresponded exactly to what Mr Luke got with his digital gauge. He had no more argument and willingly complied with Mr Luke’s demand to submit the dangerous gauge to him because Mr Luke insisted that he must not use it again. This type of gauge is also affected by temperature, humidity and altitude. So the readings got at different locations and weather conditions could differ substantially. Not only that, most vulcanizers use this type of gauge, they use it on a daily basis and for years. The one used by the vulcanizer mentioned above had signs of abuse and overuse all over it. It is the same story north, east, west, and south.

You see, with our Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator you are sure and certain of getting accurate air pressure from your tyres at all times.

But why would you also want to fall victim of this sort of dangerous ignorant act by the vulcanizers after reading this? Don’t endanger your life and that of the occupants of your vehicle? do the vulcanizers use this type of gauge? Essentially because it is the cheapest gauge in the market. 

Don’t Fall a victim of having your tyre OVER-INFLATED or UNDER-INFLATED by roadside vulcanizers.

Great Value For Your Money When You Buy This Car Tyre Emergency Tool Offer Bundle

From the above illustrations, you will agree with us that having a flat tyre is always a problem any car owner especially when it occurs at inappropriate times or places as said before. But experiencing a tyre blowout while traveling on highway because of OVER-INFLATED tyres due to bad tyre gauge by roadside vulcanisers can present special dangers.

Well, now you can have a peace of mind as we have brought you THE SOLUTION – that is our  reliable and universal Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light.

 With this device, you can conveniently get  out of any flat tyre troubles and also, you get a 100% accurate tyre gauge reading all in one machine. Best of all, if you have a Puncture, you can conveniently fix it, without removing the tyre with Tubeless Tire Repair Sealing Kit. 


PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery

Product Unboxing

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Why Our Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff & Flash Light Is The Best

This Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light can quickly inflate your car tires when the tire leaks or tire pressure is insufficient, this pump uses a high-quality direct drive motor to drive the sturdy metal cylinder, so it is a low rotating speed and high efficiency pump, Powerful power can meet most car tires.

The flashlight design (two mode light): Portable air pump is equipped with bright and long-lasting flashlight, allow easy operation or making quick repairs in the dark. Double flash light design for sending a signal for help in an emergency.

Heavy duty air compressor pump connected to the tire gas mouth, inflates standard vehicle tire in 3-5 minutes (15-35psi), accessories includes 3 adapters for bicycles, balls, pool toys, sporting equipment, etc., as well as fine Oxford bag for convenient storage and carry.

This Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light is a professional air compressor brand, We offer the most comprehensive line of air compressors & air accessories for on-road, off-road and industrial markets. tire inflator is reliable and durable and for you to maintain the correct tire pressure and to ensure traffic safety.

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PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery

How To Use This Digital Tyre Inflator To Pump Your Vehicle Tyres

How To Use This Smart Inflator As A Tyre Pressure Guage

PRICE: ₦22,500

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Features & Benefits of This Digital Tyre Inflator

PRICE: ₦22,500

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Our high-quality, durable, Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff & Flash Light is suitable for people who value quality and excellent functionality in use.

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More Benefits

PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery

More Product Photo Gallery

PRICE: ₦22,500

Payment On Delivery



Product Name:  Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display  Tyre Inflator

Current: 10A

Power type:  Cigarette Lighter

Specification: 23.5*15.5*9CM

Air pressure flow: 35L/min

Material: ABS

Voltage: 12V

Air volume: 5000

Net weight: 1.2KG

Pressure: 4KG

Material: ABS & metal

Color : Black & yellow

What are you
waiting for?

Correct tyre pressure is essential for safety, much better fuel consumption and environmental emissions. A tyre inflator has quite a simple job: it should gauge and pump up your tyres to the correct pressure. This Double Cylinder Smart Portable Digital Display Car Tyre Inflator WITH Auto-Shutoff &  Flash Light is of high quality, made with 100% pure copper. It is a 12V, 150PSI tyre inflator, ideal for inflating tyres, sports equipment, balls, inflatable toys, etc.

Customers reviews

Few good words from our thousands of customers.

Inflates normal size vehicle tire fast, quite, the light is a benefit at night, appears to be durable unit, should last for some time
Abraham Leo
Works well. Both the light and compressor. Comes with variety of nozzles: for the car, sports balls and pool inflatables. The flashlight does the job at night.
Sarah Chukwu
Portable indeed. Works just fine and i am happy with the transaction, very neatly packed too.
Professional Boxer

What’s in the Box

1. 1 x portable digital display inflatable pump
2. 1 x Metal nozzle needle
3. 1 x Red nozzle needle
4. 1 x Blue nozzle needle
5. 1 x 10A fuse

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